The ideas change the world, 3d printing is the technological evolution of our millennium and we’re ready to turn the thoughts on the subject
From thought to Matter
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3D Design

We help you to realize your idea.


Our professional design studio, specializing in modeling 3D objects, a complete service that follows the customer from the formation of the concept to prototype, and then create the model printed in 3D.

3D Printing

From thought to matter.


We follow all the steps of 3D printing, transforming your thought in reality. If you can imagine for something, there's no reason for not transform this thing in reality. The used materials for 3D printing are varied, ranging from plastic to plaster, from the carbon fiber to the food materials.

3D Market

Coming soon online.


We are building for you an innovative platform where you can buy and sell printable 3D models, intuitively and with ultra-low commissions.


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Professional SEO services

3D Printing for each market sector

The third industrial revolution started with 3D Printing, production processes require half the time and each company acquires value on the market.

Get in touch with 3D qualified Designers

Realize your idea in a short time

You will be winner in your business with 3D Printing

CEO & 3D Designer
Human Resource Management
Chief Financial Officer
Ulderico Martinelli
Graphic & 3D Designer
Web Developer & SEO

Our Partners

Fablessy has activated partnerships with companies in the sector can extend the range of services to offer customers complete solutions, providing expertise and professionalism to meet any printing solution.


IRA3D is proof that italian quality is able to keep up with world markets and is also able to get a place of honor.


Authentise, offers multiple services related to the world of 3D printing, it already supports over 85% of the fdm printers market, including closed source printers

The experience and results acquired over the years by the Rigenera laboratories allow the EUMAKERS to be at the forefront in the field of plastics research and to introduce in the market an increasing variety of products. The PLA filaments are among the best on the Italian market

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