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Available Materials

The filaments available on our site come from Eumakers® and IRA3D® and have been thoroughly tested to ensure the highest quality.

ABS allows you to create objects resistant which is extremely detailed and defined.

ABSSuper, special filament IRA3D® that it retracts and guarantees the best results in the printing phase.

PLA, Polylactic acid is the polymer bio of IRA3D®. The organic, corn starch, sugar cane, cereals or potatoes, make this eco-friendly, biodegradable formula.

The filaments Crystal® combine excellent strength and excellent resistance to acids and alkalis. They are transparent, colorless and crystalline.
Very hard, is a material that allows to obtain printed strong and robusti.Adatto for printing of lightweight objects, it requires elevated temperatures.

Nylon is an extremely versatile product, suitable for prints objects flessibili. Extremely elastic and durable, has the ability to be dyed easily.

The filament H-Limofy demonstrates greater toughness than the polystyrene joint, making an object within this material stable and strong. Hygienic, is used in food packaging, for crockery and cutlery. High impact, high impact resistance and high temperatures.

We have also available a wide range of special materials:

Ira-Copper®. The ability to print objects in copper is now a reality thanks to the conception of a material consisting of metal powder and PLA.

Thanks to Ira-Wood®, create wooden objects has never been more true semplice. Made from recycled wood, is an extraordinary material with which to print looking objects and characteristic odor of wood.

Ira-CarbonF® is incredible news among the filaments special IRA3D®. Obtained from a compound of carbon fibers and nylon, this filament presents extraordinary qualities: hardness, stiffness, high structural strength and an interesting black matte finish.

Ira-Bronze®. The ability to print 3D objects in bronze is now a reality thanks to the conception of a material consisting of metal powder and PLA.

IRA-Brick® is the special proposal to print the stone! The fanciful, as the real possibility is derived from a mixture of ground chalk and harmless co-polyesters. The result of this combination in a 3D filament is that the molded parts are to touch and sight similar to the stone, what makes this material extremely suitable for models of architecture and landscapes.

Gummy is the incredible elastic filament TPU can not be deformed and return to its original shape! Its multiple applications, from the panels for the automotive to medical tools, make it a unique product. It also comes with various useful properties, such as elasticity, flexibility and resistance to oil, grease and abrasion.

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