3D Printing

We'll help you realize your prototype thanks to the use of 3d printing in fdm (fused deposition model) that allows you to create objects through a process of layers of plastic deposition.

3D Printing for all. 3D Printing allows for quick the real object to evaluate multiple aspects: functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics, liking.trasformate your ideas into real models.

Fablessy offers various materials for printing of 3D objects. The team of specialists helps our customers in the realization of objects ranging from carbon to the rubber and the water-soluble materials to create food objects.


Promotional gadgets for your business, your promotional items and personalized gifts printed in 3D.

Words in 3D

All words and writing characters, that you like, will be realized in 3D with custom style and colors.

Cake Desing

Custom shapes of cakes and pastries using 3D printing for a creative pastry.

AlterEGO 3D

3D Alterego is a partial o total scanning of the person and the subsequent detailed printout of the subject.

Tecnica Stampa 3D Additiva

3D Additive Printing Technology

3D Additive Printing Process is a technique of union of the materials to make objects from 3D models or computerized prototypes, overlapping the various layers one above the other and differs from the technical method of subtractive production.

3D Modeling

The 3D Modeling is a process generated on computers, aimed to define the details of an object created in a three-dimensional virtual space. These objects are called 3D models and are manufactured through 3D modeling software.

Modellazione 3D

Special Materials

The special and available filaments for 3D printing, are different for each request. The wide range of printable materials: carbon, copper, wood, bronze, stone, pet and rubber.
Modellazione 3D
Tecnica Stampa 3D Additiva

Classical materials

Suitable filaments of classical materials for the 3D printing kinds for the creation of objects in abs, pla, nylon, crystal and h-limofy.

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We help in the development and realization of your idea to matter

We help in the development and realization of your idea to matter.

Other Services

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a mix of industrial techniques that will allow you to realize your prototype, which is the first product of a future series of final production.

3D Modeling

We help you to create a virtual 3D model from a photo, a sketch or a 2D and fully respects the quality of the product allowing you to have a realistic view of the project.

Scannering 3D

We offer an innovative service, quick and easy to play any 3D objects of different sizes, from the small ring to the full body scan for people to realize the selfie 3D.