FABlessy is more than a Fablab

Fablessy is a proven 3D printing agency. We offer solutions for 3D prototyping and printing for companies and private costumers.

Fablessy agenzia di Stampa 3D

3D Professional Designers and the best 3D Printing technology are the strengths of our company

Our team of professional 3D designers provides the necessary skills for the creation of your idea in business and private customers.

Our latest generation of 3D printers for prototyping of three-dimensional objects are at the forefront to meet the demands of the revolution 3D.


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Saverio Diana

CEO & 3D Designer

Always interested in the 3D world, in 2012 he completed his university studies in architecture and then he qualified the profession. he started working in urban planning, architecture and interior design. in recent years improves his experience in the use of many software for 3D modeling. cultivates various passions: motorcycles and comics.

Mario A. Di Puorto

Human Resource Management

In 2004, he got a diploma and began training for the profession of labour consultancy obtaining a professional qualification in 2007. graduating in law, as a child had a passion for 3D and informatics. lover of photography, won various regional and provincial competitions.

Ermanno Petrenga

Chief Financial Officer

A native of the South, born in the north to the south and suited, since small Ermanno showed facial hair. He spent his childhood he devoted himself to music, first with the trumpet (but without success) and then with percussion where he discovers as a self-taught drummer. In 2008 he enrolled at the university and … ..this degree in 2014, after years of hard struggle and intrigue subversive, in economics and management and decided to pursue a career freelancer for business advice. Passion for motorcycles, for football, for music and for 3D have poratato this Bearded man follow all his passions.

Ulderico Martinelli

Ulderico Martinelli

Graphic & 3D Designer

His interest in comics, movies & vfx led him to study 2d and 3D graphics. he studied design and communication and graduated with a thesis in transportation design in 2014. In this period he improved his knowledge of many 3D modeling software. He began working as an 3D artist for stickyfactory for a tv show called “storie bici paese” and other projects. Also he works as a graphic designer with social cooperatives and associations.

Fabio Russo

Web Developer & SEO

Born into a poor family of bytes, as a child he responded binary commands with trains. His passions appeared during puberty when it engages in the construction of code of his first computer that drives him to pursue informatics, today is a big fan of web client-side and server-side PHP. He drinks decaffeinated coffee, devouring many cookbooks without sufficient results and when he has nothing to do, does nothing.

O U R    V I S I O N

Everything starts with an idea, we make it matter.

Passion for our customers.

Our skills speak for themselves. we satisfy any request for the project from the big idea to the little reality.


The essential moments of fablessy that allowed the birth and growth of our reality.


December, 2014

The company's objective is to provide tools, solutions and services to the 3D printing users.


January, 2015

The company participates in the competition for start-up innovative "FABulous" sponsored by the European Commission.


July, 2015

Fablessy exceeds selections and won the first phase of the "FABulous" that allows him to be present with his project "WOP3D" to 3D printing fabulous meeting in Bilbao.


November, 2015

Fablessy.com platform launch to satisfy the online users.