Christened during the first national edition of 3D Print Hub of Milan, in 2014, the Ira3D Borgomanero showed how to change the world of production revolutionizing the way we do business.

Ira3D StartUp is entirely made in Italy, which is presented to an international audience with a careful creative research combined with technical expertise and specialized manufacturing an accurate all-Italian production and materials with which you create 3D printers more fastest in the world.

Poetry Infinity, top of the range 2015 Ira3D is the perfect interpretation of the main needs of an increasingly diverse and eager to create independently their own world, thanks to its ability to print very high resolution of just 15 microns maintaining a ‘acceleration of 9,000 mm / sec 2 and a top speed of 400 mm / sec. Capable of passing from a public to a growing Consumer Business Poetry Infinity by Ira3D is the 3D printer capable of revolutionizing the world of industrial production and the way to do impesa.

The heritage of Ira3D has important roots tied to the basic human values ​​that make this team the youngest StartUp able to turn dreams into successful products. The 3D printer is unique in the world for speed and resolution, Poetry Infinity, born from the desire of a group of young entrepreneurs, all under the age of 30, to give people a chance to touch their dreams, as fast and perfect possible.

A close-knit team of young lovers of creative business that works day after day next to the companies to give them what they need: the courage to act. And to present to the market a prototype of their ideas for pitching for reliability, practicality and innovation.

Padrin Alessandro, CEO Ira3D, born 1991 and a past adventure in entrepreneurial business, is the beating heart of Ira3D’s heritage, a business that has evolved in less than a year in company leader in the world market of 3D printers. The mission is clear: to give people the power to create, Ira3D aims to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding public while helping to use the technology of 3D printing for humanitarian purposes and to revolutionize the way of doing business.

“We are living in a crisis of values, as well as economic, there is a strong need for cooperation to ensure solid company. And there is a strong need to see their dreams come to life, this is easier when working together with the common ideal ”

A world to Ira3D and its flagship product, Poetry Infinity, inspired by emotions that between human adapting it to the needs of an increasingly diverse: the world of fashion, cars, design, architecture, medicine, training, research and manufacturing production will benefit from the first 3D printer capable of realizing any product with 80% less time and cost management. Added to this is the quality, all Italian, of precious materials and attention to detail, the protagonist in the assembly of every single 3D printer.

With an annual budget ready to be closed in positive, exceeding expectations and pulling a lot of competitors, Ira3D is confirmed as the youngest StartUp in the field of 3D printing have been able to climb the top of the international revolutionizing the way we do business.