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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a industrial techniques mix that will allow you to realize your prototype, which is the first product of a final production.

We give shape to your ideas. This is a delicate operation and the rapid prototyping is a technique that can meet the needs of the designer, offering the immediate emotion of a perfect prototype. So you can appreciate, immediately, geometries, forms and any other useful feature to assess the feasibility and appropriateness of the finished product, before organizing and planning production.

The low cost is not a sign of poor quality. We use professional 3d printers with a resolution of up to 0,015 (0:15 micron) layer. The printers can reproduce any shape with maximum aesthetic and functional performance.

Our team of experts is always ready to provide advice and deal with customers to find the best solutions for every need.

Our Target

The target sectors are endless because the rapid prototyping hasn't geometric or shape limits. The materials used are varied. It can be applied in different fields: from design to production, but also from private costumers who want to give life to their ideas!

FLD Technology

Technology FLD (Fast Layer Deposition) is the evolution of FDM technology, and allows you to create models in an additive overlapping layers of plastic filament on each other to obtain the finished object. Through two extruders it is also possible to build media soluble and easily removable. With this solution, then, you can print more complex forms. The types of materials used are: ABS, PC, PC-ABS, PPSF, Ultem, PC-ISO.

More technologies coming soon

Stereolithography sla solidifies the liquid material through a laser
Sintering sls: using a laser solidifies the powder material
Objet technology: atomizes epoxy using 8 heads
Sintering dmls: solidifies the metallic material powder

Rapid Prototyping: process steps

The CAD file analysis

A 3D file, made with an any CAD, is converted into STL format, using the appropriate modifications to prevent that 3D file polygonal (mesh) hasn't loss of definition to safeguard the final product.

Feasibility Study

After, our team carries out a feasibility study, comparing the thickness of the prototype to be realized to the chosen technological construction. Then starts the production phase: stl files are sent to the machine and proceeds to the prototype realization.


It starts a phase of post process that consists in the support material removal (necessary to support the pieces during the construction phase) or in a possible trim to be carried out on the products. The last step is a dimensional check to verify that the prototype meets all the dimensions and tolerances required.

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Other Services

3D Modeling

We help you to create a virtual 3D model from a photo, a sketch or a 2D and fully respects the quality of the product allowing you to have a realistic view of the project.

3D Printing

We help you to realize your prototype thanks to the use of 3D printing both in FDM (Fused Deposition Model) or FLD (Fast Layer Deposition), which allows to realize objects through a process of deposition in layers of plastic material.

Scannering 3D

We offer an innovative service, quick and easy to play any 3D objects of different sizes, from the small ring to the full body scan for people to realize the selfie 3D.