Scannering 3D

We offer an innovative quick and easy service to reproduce any objects of different sizes in 3D, from the small ring to the full body scan for people to realize the 3D selfie.

The possible applications of 3D scanning change according to the type of activities: a prototype replication, rendering, customizing objects, measurement accuracy to the tenth of a millimeter, making busts and many others.

We can obtain the objects directly with the original colors thus creating a perfect reproduction of the scanned object.
The obtained model can be reproduced in the most common three-dimensional formats (stl, obj, vrml, 3Ds etc.) Thus giving the opportunity to make changes to the parameters through the use of the most popular software models in commerce

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3D Alterego is a partial o total scanning of the person and the subsequent detailed printout of the subject.

Scan and Print

You can ask for the 3D scanning into digital form, viewable from all major 3D software and then request the 3D physic printing in the size and material of your choice.

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Other Services

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a mix of industrial techniques that will allow you to realize your prototype, which is the first product of a future series of final production.

3D Modeling

We help you to create a virtual 3D model from a photo, a sketch or a 2D and fully respects the quality of the product allowing you to have a realistic view of the project.

3D Printing

We help you to realize your prototype thanks to the use of 3D printing both in FDM (Fused Deposition Model) or FLD (Fast Layer Deposition), which allows to realize objects through a process of deposition in layers of plastic material.